Gone are the days when the phrase ´air conditioning´ was synonymous with huge scale monstrosities that make incredible noise and cost the earth...



With Hamilton air conditioning companies in London and the South East can eliminate stale air with ease. Simply get in touch, and our engineers...

Renewable Energy


We are living in an increasingly resource conscious world and if we don't, we probably ought to be. More and more people are recognising that...

Welcome to Hamilton Air Conditioning Ltd


Hamilton Air Conditioning Ltd are among the very top tier in air conditioning companies in London, UK, and as a result our team are passionate about providing comfortable, dependable services for commercial and residential usage. Partnering with huge global brands such as Toshiba, Dalkin, Mitsubishi and Fujitsu, we’re proud to be able to air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance services in London which can provide cool and warmth whenever you need it the most.

Our friendly and certified team are not only exceptional at finding you the right make and model for your needs – they’ll be at your beck and call for any support, maintenance or troubleshooting queries you may have further down the line during any product’s life. We assure quality in our product catalogue and in our installations – meaning that you’ll always be in store for a knowledgeable and approachable technician to help you set your services up, alongside helpful assistance should you need it further down the line.

Offering state-of-the art air conditioning and heating from a wide range of trusted brands and innovators, Hamilton Air Conditioning are here to help cool down your summers and warm up your winters – and we are only ever a phone call away. Get in touch today on 020 8202 4540 or email with a query at your convenience – and without obligation.

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