Fujitsu Air Conditioning


Fujitsu are world leaders in technological innovation, and they are just one of many leading brands we’re immensely proud to partner with for world class air conditioning solutions. The brand is responsible for providing superb air conditioning systems that make our clients’ lives all the more simpler – from wall-mounted systems fitted with smart sensors to floor and ceiling air conditioning that can be discreetly installed to maximum effect, there is a world of choice available from the Fujitsu catalogue.

Offering ducted solutions which can be easily fitted in-house by a member of our team, Hamilton Air Conditioning can provide flexible, far-reaching products from Fujitsu which are weighted heavily towards efficient comfort and less towards a need for maintenance. We recommend Fujitsu’s duct air conditioning for larger operations in need of a quiet, comprehensive network – while we are all too happy to introduce their standalone products to those who require room-by-room air filtration and assistance.

Don’t just take it from us – while Fujitsu are a well-known brand in technological innovation the world over, their residential and commercial air conditioning creations are widely appraised for being simple to install, use, and immensely effective at providing instant comfort and relief to businesses and homes.

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